For 40 years, the company has been focusing on the field of kitchen accessories. It was our company that introduced many of these accessories to the Greek market so as to facilitate and to cater for every household. To our great content, we find that our products enjoy an eminent position in every Greek household, where they are effectively used on an everyday basis.

We mention more extensively the accessories that you can get in our firm and the respective factory which we represent as far as these accessories are concerned. To have a better briefing about the above, we suggest that you visit the respective website of each house.

Household knives, kitchen accessories, etc.

Cutlery, stainless cookware, serving equipment, etc.

Giorinox SpA
Kitchen utensils, tomato machines, tin openers, etc.

Kitchen utensils, shredding utensils, bakeware, etc.

Lee Yuen Housewares Co. Ltd
Vessels for storing food, kitchen accessories, etc.