Our history

In 1975, Christos Tsoutsouvas founded the company Starco. Thereafter, he consistently and successfully worked as a commercial agent offering his services to many traders all over Greece, who sought for high-quality products from abroad, as well as to firms from abroad, which were interested in expanding and bringing their products into the Greek market.

More than thirty years in the commercial agents field, the company managed to collaborate with great wholesale traders (importers) in the Greek market regarding equipment relevant to households, restaurants, butcheries, etc.

At the same time, he collaborated with firms from abroad, retaining their exclusive representation in Greece. Their country of origin varied: Portugal, Italy, Germany, China, Japan and Croatia are only some of the respective homeland of those firms.

The company was considered a pioneer when it was the first to import to the Greek market new types of kitchen accessories which are trusted by consumers even until today.

Since 2011, the company's founder, Christos Tsoutsouvas, transfered it to his daughter, Pinelopi Tsoutsouva, thus creating the conditions for a new start of offering and development but at the same time carrying the responsibility coupled with the years of the tradition made by this very company.